STREET running sections of Manchester Metrolink’s Salford Quays - Eccles extension will make use of track featuring polyurethane elastomer insulation that is bonded to the rails before they are laid. Installing the elastomer at the same time as laying the rails can lead to bad weather weakening the bonding and affecting the elastomer’s electrical insulation properties. Pre-coating the rails in factory conditions eliminates the problem and allows an anti-skid road surface to be incorporated before installation.

Rail with the elastomer ready-bonded is delivered to site and laid on concrete slabs. Lining and levelling is carried out using temporary adjusting pads and gauging bars before concrete is poured to fix the rails permanently. The road is then built around the rails.

Pre-coated rail is also being used on the Midland Metro and was developed by ALH Systems Ltd with Grant Rail and Laing Civil Engineering.

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