DB is testing Cosid 828 organic brake pads developed by TMD Friction for inter-city trains running at up to 200 km/h.

Kontron has introduced the Microspace MPCX28R ruggedised PC for on-train applications. Various types of data storage device can easily be swapped, making the computer particularly suitable for passenger information, entertainment and security applications.

Dutch infrastructure manager ProRail is using SelectaDNA forensic marking supplied by Rhine Group to label copper cable to discourage theft. Markings visible under ultra-violet light contain metal microdots with engraved coding.

An EMD Class 66 locomotive cab has been fitted with a trial installation of a CabCool cooling system developed by Unipart Rail and Creactive Design. Instead of CFC and coolant, CabCool uses a Peltier device, solid state technology which is used for applications such as cooling computer servers. It is claimed to need 20% of the energy of an air-conditioning system, but cab temperatures can be reduced by up to 19°C.