Security printer Henry Booth & Company has been awarded a two-year contract to supply ticketing stock on a just-in-time basis to all 25 of Britain’s Train Operating Companies . Over 240million tickets will be supplied each year under a contract negotiated by First Procurement Associates Ltd which brings the number of suppliers down from four to one.

Postfield Systems has developed InfroProm, a multi-channel messaging system that can feed up to 15 separate and concurrent sequences to any number of video and/or LCD monitors. Text and colour images can be prepared and programmed from a single PC using a Windows-based package, with a section of the screen displaying a mimic of the message on display.

Ferrograph has supplied a three-colour LED train departure board for Chiltern Railways, installed at London Marylebone station by main contractor Postfield Systems. Costing £120000, the double-sided board has been sited at 90° to the ticket barrier line and features four panels for train information, a digital clock and a display for advertisements or special messages

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