Following successful trials on the Florida East Coast Railway and BHP Iron Ore’s Mount Newman line, GE Harris Railway Electronics has launched an improved version of its EPx direct braking system. This uses an air-powered smart valve, eliminating the need for individual axle generators and batteries on each wagon. The valve can operate as a conventional air brake or in ECP mode with wired or radio control.

Korean-built trainsets for the third phase of the Seoul metro are being equipped with torque reaction links from the Silentbloc Division of Silvertown UK, as part of two contacts under which Alstom Gears Ltd is supplying 660 traction gearboxes to Hyundai for the Line 6 fleet and 770 to Hanjin for the Line 7 cars.

Precision sensing for determining straightness, flatness, twist, bow and camber of rails is provided by the latest ML-2100 measurement system, developed by Milburn Research Solutions Inc of Nova Scotia. The non-contact system can provide profile measurements over long distances to an accuracy of 0·0025mm without a precision straightedge for reference.

Alcatel’s battery subsidiary SAFT has released a CD-Rom based software tool which allows users to compare the suitability of different battery types, including other makes. CommBatt users can define preferred options for key parameters in up to 13 areas, including price, reliability, duty cycle and physical size.

The series build of 21 class EP10 electric locos being built for Russian Railways with Adtranz traction equipment will have cooling units from Voith Turbo. Each loco has three cooling circuits, covering the transformer, inverters and traction controls. Key components including the pump and oil have been specified for operation at temperatures down to -50íC.

Anti-collision buffers for the 120 electric freight locos being built for SNCF by Alstom are to be supplied by Acieries Ploermel, the French subsidiary of Keystone Industries. The two-stage buffers are able to absorb more than 500 kJ per buffer, with a 70kJ hydraulic unit for normal service backed up by an energy absorption component developed in conjunction with Eurocrash at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes.

Bombardier Transportation has ordered DRUID II software from InfoVision Systems for use in its contract to supply and maintain Class 220/221 tilting DEMUs for Virgin Trains. DRUID II provides interactive electronic technical publications, including operations and maintenance manuals. InfoVision is also supplying the software to Siemens for its Heathrow Express and Northern Spirit EMUs, and to Midland Metro.

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CAPTION: London Underground has started re-roofing the maintenance and servicing sheds at Northumberland Park depot on the Victoria line. Over 30000mm2 of roof is being renewed, including a 48m span over the examination and lifting bays. The new roof comprises Ward DR1000 insulating panels and 2000m of Factory-Assembled Insulating Rooflights (FAIR) from Brett Martin

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