Peguform GmbH is using Araldite AW2101/HW2951 two-part epoxy adhesive from Vantico to bond moulded sheet components to aluminium rails during the assembly of electrical equipment housings for Bombardier-built S-Bahn trains for Berlin.

HAR1000 is the first in LEM’s range of low-power consumption open loop principle Hall-effect current transducers for traction applications. Designed with a nominal primary current of 1000A, the device has a measuring range of 2500A between -40 and +85íC.

Vultron has introduced a range of LCD, ultra-bright LED and daylight-viewable TFT displays and digital clocks for stations.

TTX is to use Holland’s Load Snugger floor anchors to secure loads in 1000 TBOX boxcars being built for its North American rolling stock pool.

Cattron-Theimeg radio remote controls have been installed on an Alan Keef K80 narrow gauge locomotive being supplied to Argentina. The controls allow a three-car passenger train to be controlled from a driving position in the rear vehicle, reducing the number of cable runs needed along the train.

April 7 was the official start date for full-scale operations of custom electronic procurement software supplied to Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority by iRail. It was initially tested with 26 suppliers over three months, and is used for procurements under $25000, which form 95% of SEPTA’s orders.

Blue Diamond Services has developed a wire brush floor cleaning machine to remove dirt from the grooved Canadian maple floors of London Underground’s D78 District line rolling stock.

InfoSystems high resolution LCD glass screens use the entire display area to show text and graphics with a viewing angle of up to 170í. High contrast is achieved through uniform pixel illumination, with electronic intensity control.

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SEFAC has installed an automatic train lift at Paris Villeneuve TGV depot. Using 26 columns of 20 tonne capacity, it is able to raise to a maximum of 4·3m trainsets up to 250m long. Retractable claws permit horizontal movement of the bogies by