Interfleet Technology has developed a portable monitoring and analysis unit for electrically operated carriage doors. The unit detects abnormal operation to allow fault prediction, prevention and trend analysis.

The PowerPlan energy consumption and demand modelling software developed by VST Comreco Rail has been extended to include the effects of adding trackside flywheel energy storage to a railway’s power distribution system. Changes in voltages and power consumption can be modelled before installation.

Voith Turbo has retrofitted 30 Class V100 locomotives with a modified GSR 30/5.7 transmission and Voith cooling equipment for Adtranz. The shunting and multi-purpose locomotives used by DB and private operators are fitted with three-converter transmissions with mechanical reversing and an optional step-up gear.

A range of clocks with transflective LCD segments and automatic dimming of their internal back lighting has been introduced by Ferrograph. The clocks are designed to provide good clarity and contrast in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. Each clock can be specified as a master or a slave. Both 24 and 12 h versions are available, and all show minutes and seconds. The clocks come in two sizes, and have an IP65 aluminium housing.

CopriSystems has supplied a 45m by 15m canopy building to provide short-term undercover transhipment facilities for the Potter Group’s Selby freight terminal in Great Britain.

An optical cable able to survive extreme temperature conditions has been launched in the rail and metro market by Brand-Rex. Originally developed for use in the off-shore oil industry, the IEC331 cable can survive temperatures of 1000°C for 3 h, allowing it to be used in the control of fire suppression equipment and alarm systems and to ensure controlled equipment shut downs in the event of a fire.

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