Weighing 27 kg, the Weldbaby portable 40to 165A welder can be carried to a lineside worksite by one person. Its Honda four-stroke engine has an auto-idle facility and consumes around 1 litre of unleaded petrol per hour. In addition to welding, Weldbaby can be used to supply power to other maintenance tools.

Genquip plc, UK

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The Katrin EasyFlush range of fast-dissolving toilet tissue and hand towels has been developed for use on trains, where blocked sewage pipes can be a problem. Breaking down into smaller particles and requiring less water than conventional products, EasyFlush is particularly suitable for vacuum toilets, and for avoiding blockages caused by paper towels being thrown into toilet bowls.

Metsä Tissue, Finland

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Rail Infrastructure Corp has licensed Enotrac’s Fabel multi-train simulation software to model the complex 1·5 kV DC power supplies on the suburban rail network in New South Wales. RIC will use Fabel to verify its designs for an upgrade of its infrastructure associated with the introduction of the Millennium EMUs.

Enotrac UK Ltd, UK

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First Great Western is using Interfleet’s Certifyx web-based verification system to manage the certification status of its vehicles. The database keeps track of rolling stock modifications and flags up vehicle acceptance certificates which are approaching their renewal deadlines.

Interfleet Technology, UK

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Innovision’s Io is a small-footprint 13·56MHz radio frequency identification module, developed for use in handheld readers for RFID smart card tickets such as the company’s Jewel (RG 6.04 p370).

Innovision R&T plc, UK

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CAPTION: On display on the Poli stand at the Expo Ferroviaria event in Torino in May was a set of brake equipment for Trenitalia’s Minuetto trainsets (RG 5.04 p280). The company is providing sets of equipment for up to 250 trainsets, making it Poli’s largest current order. Poli is also supplying brake equipment to Spanish builder CAF for use on 12 trainsets fitted with Brava gauge-changing bogies

Poli, Italy

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