An aluminium tool has been developed by Metronet Rail to speed the cleaning of electrical connections between London Underground cars. The insulated tool aids the opening of two sprung shutters on the ’Dutch Oven’ which covers the connecting studs, halving the time required for cleaning.

Metronet Rail, UK

Rexquote’s 28 tonne Gigarailer uses a chassis with heavy-duty road axles and soft foam fill super-single tyres, married to the Terex 1604 road-rail upper and lightweight front-end equipment. The densely-filled chassis and counterweights enable the machine to lift up to 15 tonnes, subject to local regulations. Options include a one or two-man cab, hydraulic parking brakes, and progressive braking and air systems enabling it to haul up to 56 tonnes of unbraked trailing load.

Rexquote, UK