PolyPhaser DSX series filters are being used to protect engineering and maintenance staff working on Italian high speed lines from the risk of their equipment becoming live. Similar to components used for lightning protection, the PolyPhaser surge arrestors are connected to an earthing network to dissipate dangerous currents.

Smiths Interconnect - PolyPhaser, USA

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Texas Department of Transportation and Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas are using Quantm route-optimisation software to study the I-69 Trans-Texas Corridor, a proposal for a 1600 km network of parallel high speed and freight railways and roads.

Developed by Csiro, the Australian government’s scientific agency, Quantm is based around a digital terrain image derived from satellite data and aerial photography, and uses digitised mapping techniques.

Quantm Ltd, Australia

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Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn has ordered 500 stainless steel Travel 400 luggage trolleys fromWanzl, designed to transport skis and snowboards around the station in the winter sports resort of Zermatt.

Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, Germany

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Icore International has developed a Lohal range of lightweight halogen-free conduit to meet metro fire safety requirements, and the Kafon 2000 range offering protection against crushing and flying ballast, which is suitable for rolling stock applications.

Icore International Ltd, UK

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Eurowash ISR has been developed as a substitute for oxalic acid-based cleaning products, to remove iron stains from rolling stock. It is available in two forms, thin for use with automatic train washers, and thick for manual application.

Chela, UK

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CAPTION: Disab Vacuum Technology AB has signed a contract to supply a Railvac 16000/480 S-E air and vacuum excavator to Portuguese maintenance company Somafel Engenharia e Obras Ferrovi