Railway Directory 1999& CD ROM

All maps in the 1999 edition of Railway Directory are in full colour, and this edition adds a new portfolio of city maps, showing all modes of rail-based transport. They include metro, light rail and tramway networks in 40 cities worldwide, large and small. Main line maps include new versions of France, Germany and Switzerland. Railway Directory lists statistics and personnel for 1400 railways, nearly 400 city operators and 2000 manufacturers and suppliers. Personnel listings cover railways, government authorities, industry associations and suppliers worldwide, in all around 14000 names with job titles and contact details. This data is also available in the second edition of the Directory in CD-ROM format, allowing rapid access to information and statistics from a PC, with search and label printing facilities and colour maps which can be viewed in large-scale format. Also new for 1999 are direct links from the CD-ROM to company web sites.ISBN 0-617-01267-9.

Book £130 (Europe) £140/US$230 (rest of world). CD-ROM £320 (Europe), £340/US$545 (rest of world). Book + CD-ROM £400 (Europe) £425/US$690 (rest of world) from Esco, PO Box 935, Finchingfield, Essex, CM74LN, Great Britain.

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Southern Africa by Rail

Southern Africa offers more opportunities for travel by rail than is generally appreciated, but it has long been difficult for intending travellers to obtain detailed information. This addition to the Bradt series brings together in a single source, details of scheduled passenger trains and services of the various private operators now serving this neglected region. Although a little sketchy in places, and containing some minor inaccuracies, this is a welcome guide to the region, and a vast improvement on anything previously available. ISBN 1-898323-72-0.

ú12·95 from Bradt Publications, 41 Nortoft Road, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, SL90LA, Great Britain.

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Fahrplankarte für Bus & Bahn Deutschland

The perfect addition to the range of documentation which supports Germany’s integrated public transport network, this 1:750000 scale map published by the German Transport Club (VCD) shows, in full-colour geographical format with relief, rivers and regional boundaries, all rail and complementary bus routes. Long distance rail services (ICE, IC, EC, IR, D), Regionalexpress (RE), Regionalbahn (RB) and S-Bahn have separate coloured lines, giving up to four per route. The frequency of each train category is denoted by line width, and the journey times and stopping patterns are coded by colour and alternative station markings. There are 14 enlargements of major cities. An accompanying booklet contains a gazetteer, a table of inter-city journey times, details of telephone information services, and a list of car-sharing organisations. ISBN 3-933772-00-1.VCD eV, Eifelstrasse 2, D-53119 Bonn, Germany.

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