Météor: Le Métro du Futur

This colourful booklet in French with English translations provides a potted history of the development of Paris metro Line 14. It traces the background to the line, and explains in more detail the modular train control systems, which have since been adopted as the basis for the future controls on the New York subway.

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Railway Directory 2000

edited by Chris Bushell

The 105 edition of the ’red book’ has been fully updated, reflecting changes in the rail industry. The manufacturers’ section has been redesigned, with a new Buyer’s Guide and standardised product codes keyed to more comprehensive company entries grouped into six major categories: Rolling Stock, Components, Traction & Control, Infrastructure, Data & Information, and Services. There are also several new colour maps.

Railway Directory 2000 includes information, statistics and personnel details for over 1400 railways in more than 140 countries, plus around 400 city rail operators, and 1800 suppliers. With government authorities, industry associations and rail-related bodies, there are listings for over 15000 people. Also available on CD-ROM.

ISBN 0-617-01277-6

Book: £170 Europe, $300 USA or £200 Rest of World; CD-Rom £370 Europe, $650 USA, £400 Rest of World. Available from Esco Business Services, PO Box 935, Finchingfield, Essex, CM7 4LN, Great Britain

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