Guidelines for selecting and planning a new light rail system

This CD has been compiled by UITP in response to requests from transport authorities considering the use of light rail.

The documents provide a listing of the issues involved in opening an intermediate capacity system, from the initial reviews and appraisals through to design work, construction and opening. Methods of financing, owning, leasing and contracting for construction, management and operations are described.

The information is divided into three interlinked sections, offering readers increasing levels of detail. Level 1, issued in 2001 at the UITP London Congress, summarises in English, French and German the key issues, procedures and decisions from initial definition of a city’s transit objectives to the eventual opening of a new line. Level 2, launched in 2002 at UITP’s Nantes Light Rail Conference, explores in greater detail over 30 related wide ranging topics outlined in Level 1. Level 3 comprises case studies from locations including Basel, Croydon and Leipzig.

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