Optimisation of single horizontal railway curves

This 92-page thesis summarises four reports. It demonstrates how passenger comfort on curve transitions can be optimised for tilting and non-tilting coaches. Forces and climbing ratios are simulated using models of the X2000 and a Eurofima standard coach, each with 46 degrees of freedom.

Railway Technology, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), S-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden.

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The Railway Forum Fact File

This ring-bound file contains factsheets for the major players in Britain’s privatised railway structure, including vehicle leasing companies, regulatory bodies, transport executives and operators. Each has address, senior staff, associated organisations and basic statistics on journeys and trains run.

ú95·00 from The Railway Forum, Albany House, Petty France, London SW1H9EA.

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The Line Ahead

by Stephen Bright.

This unusual paperback is fiction, but its foreword by Queensland Rail Chief Executive Vince O’Rourke gives plenty of clues to its purpose. The book was written to try and persuade those working for or with QR to think ahead. It describes a series of scenarios affecting the future of railways in Queensland and Australia - including a major accident with a coal train. It is a thought-provoking read.

A$19·95 from Catalyst Communications Consultants, 7 Fifteenth Street, Hepburn Springs, 3461, Victoria, Australia.

e-mail: Catalyst@netconnect.com.au

Feste Fahrbahn

Just over 100 A4 colour pages in this hardback cover the technical background and current developments with ballastless track in Germany. The book is well illustrated with photographs, diagrams and graphs. Various competing designs are described for both main line and urban track. A useful map pinpoints 69 locations throughout Germany where there are ballastless installations. ISBN 3-7771-0269-5

DM68 from Hestra Verlag, Postfach 10 07 51, D-64207 Darmstadt, Germany.

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