Noise and vibration from high-speed trains

Edited by Victor V Krylov

A comprehensive general reference work for engineers, scientists and consultants interested in the technical aspects of the noise and vibration effects of high-speed railway operation. Aimed at a technical reader with a background in engineering or physics, chapters cover the theoretical and practical generation of noise and vibration from a variety of sources across different railway systems. Ways of reducing environmental impact are discussed, based on recent experimental data and research from international experts.

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The Crash that Stopped Britain

by Ian Jack

A small book on the Hatfield accident of October 2000. There is background information on the privatisation of British Rail, and the complex structures that replaced it, written from a critical perspective.

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The Railways of South America

by D Trevor Rowe

A extremely varied array of steam, diesel and electric motive power has been used in South America thanks to the huge variations in terrain, ranging from forest to mountains, and the different levels of traffic carried. British or North American methods of working were often used, and many locomotives were supplied from these countries, among others.

The 140 page volume contains a country by country history of the continent’s railways, maps from Railway Gazette, and many historic photographs.

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