TGV Handbook

by Brian Perren

This second edition of a work first published in 1993 is in effect a new publication, such has been the progress and diversification of TGV derivatives. Although new line construction has slowed, there is extensive text supported by good quality colour photographs covering a plethora of subjects. The 160 pages offer a history of the TGV concept, with 30 chapters reflecting progress in every aspect of operations. There are descriptions of six routes, from the first (Sud-Est) to the most recent (Fretin - Brussels). Trainsets covered include Réseau, PBA, Thalys, Eurostar, TGV Duplex and Nouvelle Génération, along with the AVE in Spain and projects further afield such as in Korea and Amtrak’s American Flyer. The author tends to avoid being confrontational - as reflected in the lack of comment about safety and security regulations which restrict the prospects for a Europe-wide Eurostar service from London.ISBN 1-85414-195-3.

ú10·95 (Great Britain) or £12·45 (elsewhere) from Capital Transport Publishing, Harrow Weald HA35JL, Great Britain.

Charmec Biennial report 1995-97

This 28-page report gives a brief overview of progress in railway engineering techniques at Chalmers University of Technology, and looks forward to plans for 1998-2000.

Chalmers University of Technology, Solid Mechanics, H