Urban Transit: Operations, Planning & Economics

By Vukan R Vuchic

'Transportation, being one of the basic functions in urbanised areas, influences the form of cities and their liveability', says Prof Vukan Vuchic in his introduction. Experience has shown that public transport contributes 'greatly to the quality of life.' The rest of the 664-page book explains why, and offers guidance on how to get the best out of the various modes on offer.

With increased competition bringing many new entrants into the public transport sector, there is a clear need for a guide to the issues involved in the operation, planning and financing of urban transport. As Professor of Transport Engineering and City & Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania, and the author of several standard works on transport and land use policy, Vuchik is perhaps uniquely placed to compile one.

This comprehensive single-volume textbook and reference source is intended for use by academics and industry professionals. Covering both theoretical concepts and practical methodologies, it provides a thorough examination of technical fundamentals and management principles, backed up by examples of best practice drawn from many cities around the world. The relative advantages and limitations of metro, light rail and bus operations are carefully discussed.

The book is divided into three main sections, covering operations and networks, organisation and economics, and planning. Within these sections, 12 chapters address specific topics such as timetabling and operations, speed and capacity, modelling and analysis, routes and networks, station location, fares, financing, economics and marketing, ownership and organisation, planning, and modal selection.

Each chapter includes worked examples and exercises to familiarise the readers with the various formulae and analytical techniques being presented.

ISBN 0-471-63265-1

US$120·00, £66·95 or €104·40 from John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 111 River Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030, USA.


Rail Freight Handbook 2005

THE ANNUAL softback publication from the Rail Freight Group provides a comprehensive listing of the many organisations involved in Britain's rail freight industry, including operators, infrastructure providers, customers and political bodies.

Introductory articles by authors including RFG Chairman Tony Berkeley and Chief Executive of RFF Jean-Marie Bertrand look at a range of issues affecting the UK rail freight market. Topics discussed include freight in Scotland and at ports, and the activities of companies including Network Rail, Mendip Rail and Malcolm Group. The main body of the book is an extensive alphabetical directory, with an index by business sector and a list of contacts.

Rail Freight Group, 17 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1H 9BU, UK

Tel: +44 20 7233 3177

Public Transportation Fact Book

THIS MOST recent volume is the 56th edition of the annual publication from the American Public Transport Association. It contains detailed statistical data on all aspects of the US public transport industry, with additional information covering Canada supplied by the Canadian Urban Transit Association.

Within the 114 pages are data covering service & operating statistics, financial information, safety and security, modes of travel, employees, and energy and environmental issues. Rail, bus, light rail, van pools and ferries are covered in the book, with definitions and classifications provided for the various modes of transport currently in use.

One copy may be obtained free of charge; additional copies are $5 each.

APTA, 1666 K Street NW, Suite 1100, Washington DC 20006, USA.

Tel: +1 202 496 4800