2001 Public Transportation Factbook

The 52nd edition of APTA’s annual factbook contains statistical data on all aspects of the public transport industry in the United States. There is also additional information covering Canada. Sections cover finance, operating statistics, modes of travel, vehicles, federal grants and the Federal Transit Act.

US data is based on the National Transit Database and APTA surveys. Canadian data was provided by the Canadian Urban Transit Association.

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Infrastructure Embankments: Condition Appraisal & Remedial Treatment

by J Perry, M Pedley and M Reid

Embankments are an important part of railway and highway infrastructure, and their maintenance is becoming increasingly important as the structures age.

Potential instability has both economic and safety implications, and the book recommends cost-effective strategies to address design, repair and maintenance issues. It provides guidelines on best practice for evaluating the condition of embankments, and describes remedial treatments available. It is intended to be of interest to infrastructure owners, constructors and maintainers.

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Railway Track Diagrams 1: Scotland and the Isle of Man.

The latest edition of this detailed book contains fully updated track plans of all railways in the area. Main line, heritage and underground lines are featured, with details including mileages, signalling areas, track gauge, electrification details and individual sidings. £7·50 from The Quail Map Company, 2 Lincoln Road, Exeter, EX4 2DZ, Great Britain.

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