L’Annuaire Ferroviaire Français

This directory published for the French Railway Industry Association (FIF) includes articles in French and English, looking at railway developments during 1997 in France and the rest of the world, and at French politics and their impact on the railway market. The directory section is broken up into seven headings: associations, heads of regional transport policy, suppliers, urban transport authorities, ’networks’, consultants and foreign railway representatives in France.

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North American Public Transport Glossary

by Tom Parkinson and Ian Fisher

Designated ’Interim Draft 3’, this glossary of public transport terminology has been drawn up as part of a Transit Co-operative Research Programme, and effectively replaces a 1989 publication from the US Transportation Research Board. It contains over 3200 terms and acronyms used in the North American transport industry, with handy summaries and extensive cross-referencing of regional or historic variations in terminology. The authors are keen to receive comments on the draft. US$20 (C$20 in Canada) from Transport Consulting Ltd, 111-1141 West 7th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6H 1B5.

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A guide to Diesel and Electric Locomotives of Indian Railways

by J E Daboo

This handy summary traces the development of electric and diesel traction in India from 1925 to the latest three-phase motored units, with photographs and sketch drawings to augment the narrative. Technical data is tabulated, and a separate appendix details the number range for each class within the All-India loco numbering scheme.

ISBN 1 901613 02 X. £9·30 (Great Britain) or £10·79 (overseas surface post) from British Overseas Railways Historical Trust, 3 Stuart Court, Priory Gate Road, Dover, Kent, CT17 9TX, Great Britain.