GERMANY'S national rail operator launched a fresh identity for its freight, passenger and infrastructure businesses last month.

The Railion brand has been discarded in favour of DB Schenker, which more accurately reflects the organisation of the freight and logistics business. Passenger services will operate under the DB Bahn brand, while infrastructure activities will be grouped under the name DB Netze. The brand Intermodal will be used for intermodal services with less emphasis given to the DB name in an attempt to present a neutral brand to freight forwarders and other users.

  • CAPTION: DB Schenker, previously Railion, confirmed on December 13 that it had begun operating regular freight services over the Betuwe Route in the Netherlands. The first train ran from Rotterdam to Oberhausen on December 9. DB Schenker said that it is running about 10 trains a day using Class 189 multi-system locomotives fitted with ETCS Level 2, using a mix of German and Dutch drivers.