Systra Consulting Inc has released Version 7 of its Railsim¨ Train Performance Calculator, a program for simulating and analysing train performance including journey time predictions, maximum attainable speeds and safe braking distances. The standard licence package includes TPC, three rolling stock libraries and two rolling resistance algorithms, as well as the Railsim database editor and report generator.

The range of rolling stock libraries includes a North American locomotive library containing over 340 types, a selection of over 400 European metro trainsets and light rail vehicles and a worldwide catalogue of more than 280 multiple-units including tilting and high-speed trains. Train performance can be modelled using one of 20 user-specified or default rolling resistance coefficients.

These include the Basic Davis Equation, another developed by the Association of American Railroads for gross wagon weights of 70tons and above, a formula developed by RATP for rubber-tyred metro trains and an equation for TGVs. DB passenger and freight formulae are also available, in addition to equations for 1676mm and 1000mm gauge operations.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0, Railsim requires a Pentium 133 processor (or faster) with at least 32MB of RAM and 300MB of free hard drive space. Reports are produced in graphic or text/spreadsheet format, or can be generated in DXF format for incorporation into documents and engineering drawings.

Systra Consulting Inc, USA

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