ROTTERDAM metro and light rail operator RET has started work on the extension of TramPlus route 23 from Feijenoord stadium through IJsselmonde to Beverwaarde, and on the first stage of the planned 12 km southern route to Carnisselande. Construction of the two routes has been delayed compared to the original schedule (RG 7.01 p470), but both are expected to open for traffic during 2004.

On May 19 RET received final approval for construction of the planned sneltram extension from De Tochten to serve new housing estates at Nesselande in the northeast of the city. Unlike the existing route there will be no level crossings, in a bid to improve safety. Scheduled to open in mid-2005, the extension is expected to carry around 6500 passengers/day. Average journey time from Nesselande to the city centre will be around 30min.