MERIDIAN diesel-electric multiple-units being built by Bombardier for Midland Main Line and Hull Trains are being fitted with green LED emergency lighting from Marl International.

Load-bearing lighting strips are incorporated in the floors, and kick-strip lights fitted to the vestibules. These will be permanently illuminated to familiarise passengers with evacuation routes, and the housings have been custom-made to match the interior fittings.

As an established supplier to the airline market, STG Aerospace has entered the rail sector with an order from Talgo for 6 km of its SafTGlo emergency floor lighting strips for use on 16 Talgo 350 trainsets.

Extensively used on civil aircraft, the photoluminescent strips ’store’ and emit light. After a short period of charging from ambient light a SafTGlo strip will glow for up to 16h to guide passengers to the exits after a loss of lighting and power.

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