SWISS Federal Railways is reviewing the level of service provided at stations. Ideas range from setting up a subsidiary to run stations with a travel agency and a full range of ticketing to franchise partnerships with Kuoni. Smaller stations may be run by third parties, and ’public stations’ would be run jointly with cantonal or local authorities.

From May 29 SBB has offered on-board shopping on 10 InterRegio trains a day between Zürich and Bern. The shops run by Co-op have been fitted in two former McDonalds restaurant cars and have around 900 products for sale.

In an attempt to reduce the SFr50m annual loss incurred by its luggage services, SBB is developing a revised concept. Plans for house-to-house service have been dropped, but luggage will continue to be conveyed by fast train between 60 main stations, with van or train serving smaller stations. The number of stations where airline passengers can check in bags will rise from 23 to 60.

SBB and Securitas plan to set up a company next year to manage security on railway and public transport premises. To be owned 51% by SBB, the company will integrate the existing railway police force. Earlier this year, the two organisations developed a concept for transporting prisoners called Jail Rail.