UK: Preliminary works have begun for the Borders Railway scheme to reopen the Edinburgh - Tweedbank section of the Waverley route to Carlisle, which closed in 1969. The 56 km of reinstated line will be designed, built, financed and maintained by a not-for-profit company backed by Transport Scotland.

Prospects for the project had looked dim when funding for the Glasgow Airport Rail Link was dropped from the Scottish budget last September, but on March 3 Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson confirmed that tendering is underway with final submissions expected by May 2011 and the winner to be named in September 2011.

Cost estimates range from £235m to £295m, and opening is planned for 2014.

  • Tracklaying has started on the 24 km of restored double-track formation between Airdrie and Bathgate, due to open in December 2010.