MOZAMBIQUE state railway authority CFM announced last month that it expected services to resume on the southern part of the Sena line ’before March’. After a 20-year hiatus caused by civil war, trains will start to carry limestone over the 90?km section from quarries at Muanza to a cement factory at Dondo, 28?km inland from Beira. The Sena line is currently being reconstructed by Rites and Ircon under a US$175m concession awarded in 2004 (RG 6.04 p318). Rites expects the next 93?km from Muanza to Inhamitanga to be operational by the end of August. The concessionaires hope to complete reconstruction of the entire 670?km Sena network by May 2009, including the main line to Moatize, the 39?km branch to the Malawi border, and the 88?km branch from Inhamitanga to Marromeu, which has been largely cleared of vegetation. Studies are underway for construction of a branch to serve the proposed port at Suvane.