BARELY TWO WEEKS after the inauguration of the final section of metro Line 8, the Seoul City Government announced that work would start on the long-planned Line 9 in 2001. Despite the region’s recent economic problems, construction is pushing ahead on Line 6 and the second stage of Line 7 which are both expected to open during the next year.

The 4·6 km Line 8 extension from Chamshil to Amsa in the eastern suburbs brings the route to its full length of 17·7 km. There are four extra stations, including an interchange with Line 5 at Chonho. As the line is regarded as a feeder route, the stations are built for six-car trains rather than eight.

Line 9 will run east-west on the south side of the Han river. The 25·5 km first phase due to be completed in 2007 will start from Kimpo International Airport and run via Yoido and the Express Bus Terminal to an interchange with Line 4 at Kangnam. The second phase would add another 12·5 km from Kangnam to Pangi via Chamshil Stadium.

Seoul Mayor Goh Kun told President Kim Dae-Jung on July 14 that a private sector contribution of 760bn won will be raised towards the 2200bn won cost of phase 1 of Line 9. He said it would also be operated with shorter trains, reflecting a tailing off in the capital’s explosive population growth. A mix of local and express services will provide capacity for 41000 passengers/h in each direction. All 37 stations will have platform doors.

  • The 21·7 km first phase of Pusan Line 2 was officially opened on June 30. Running from Hopo in the northwest to an interchange with Line 1 at Somyon, it has 21 stations. Work is continuing on the 16·7 km second phase running eastwards from Somyon to Changsan with another 18 stations; this is now expected to open in 2001 (RG 1.96 p33).