Wedding with a difference

Pakistan Railways has rehabilitated one of its Hitachi-built Master railcars, dating from the 1960s, as a special train for charter to wedding parties. The Shadi (Marriage) train can accommodate up to 150 guests and comes complete with on-board kitchen facilities. Fares are 20 to 25% higher than standard, and the unit is available for use within a 750 km radius of Rawalpindi and Bahawalpur. A special cabin is reserved for the bride and groom.

Rack restored

Closed since 1963, the Abt Wilderness Railway on the West Coast of Tasmania is being rebuilt as a tourist attraction under a A$22m government-funded project. Linking Queenstown and Teepookana, it was opened by Mount Lyell Mining & Railway Co Ltd in 1897, and later extend to the port of Strahan.

Aside from the wild country, the most notable feature was 7 km of Abt rack used by steam locomotives climbing the 5% and 6·25% gradients to Rinadeena.

Passenger services on the non-rack section of the 35 km railway started last year. Tracklaying from Lynchford, near Queenstown, to Rinadeena was due to be completed by Christmas, when the first rebuilt Abt loco was to be delivered.

CAPTION: Extraordinary measures were taken by the police and Rhaetian Railway to prevent protestors disrupting the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, including the suspension of Landquart - Davos train services. The police asked farmers to make liquid manure available for use against violent protestors, though none were prepared to do so. Dieter proposes that RhB might need a special armoured train for next year