Metro goes to the dogs

Moscow Metro Director Dmitry Gayev has announced the creation of a dog breeding centre to supply up to 80 dogs to sniff out explosives and drugs at stations.

Stressing that violent crimes are not rising and that the Metro is working with the Federal Security service to cut general crime, he said ’A policeman with an Alsatian is an important psychological factor’, pointing out that when 50 dogs worked at Tulskaya station no criminal incidents were recorded there.

’The only problem is that it is not easy to find people to work with these dogs. We have suggested considering it as an alternative to military service.’

Madeline in tubes

London Underground is trialling an ’air-enhancing fragrance’ at three stations from April 23. Called Madeline, or, more technically, SPxtra, the fragrance has been developed for the Underground by ICI subsidiary Quest International.

The scent will be applied to floors, and releases as passengers walk over it. The Paris and Hong Kong metros regularly use fragrances, as studies have shown customers feel more positive about travelling if the stations smell fresh. If Madeline proves successful, it could become a permanent feature in London.

Customer Services Director Mike Brown commented that ’the atmosphere down in our stations can become an interesting collection of odours reflecting all aspects of London life.’

CAPTION: Dieter travelled recently to north Germany, where he discovered that Hamburger Hochbahn has introduced an underground rolling tavern. The 1958-vintage two-car trainset has been fitted with a bar, 10m2 dancing area, music system and an ICE style toilet. The train can accommodate 60 people, and hire costs DM1200 for the first two hours, then DM500 per hour