Airport is all at sea

With growth at Schiphol airport continuing (p355), its management, the airlines based there and the air traffic authority have concluded that the construction of an off-shore airport, similar to that serving Osaka in Japan, is the best solution, and is needed by 2010. Connection to the mainland, some 15 km distant, would be via a maglev shuttle.

Meanwhile, a high speed line will be built through the present airport site, connecting with the existing line south to Paris, and a second high speed route would head east to join the German network. While it is unlikely that air traffic will stop growing, it is likely that rail will be in a strong position to compete for business, and could turn the newest part of the Netherlands into a white elephant.


CAPTION: Metrorail has invited police officers to help improve security on its trains in return for free travel. The South African commuter train operator is keen to deter trouble makers, and is also planning to use a private security firm to make undercover patrols - but Dieter thinks the volunteer policing will have a very high profile