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Bibliophiles all over Europe should hurry down to their station if they want to catch the Literature Express Europe 2000. Carrying 103 writers from 43 countries on a 7000 km odyssey linking upwards of 200 cultural events, the LEE is wending its way from Lisboa via Madrid, Paris, Hannover, Kaliningrad, Vilnius, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Minsk and Warszawa. It is due to arrive in Berlin on July 14.

The six-week trip has been co-sponsored by the UIC, with 12 member railways providing trains and venues. The idea is to celebrate the 'powerful ties which link rail travel with discovery, gatherings, reading, and literary and artistic creativity.'

CAPTION: Royalty and dignitaries from all around the Baltic are expected to gather on the artificial island of Peberholm to celebrate the opening of the Øresund fixed link on July 1. But Dieter wonders whether the local Vikings will defy traffic projections and stick to their more traditional and cheaper mode of travel