THIS summer Singapore MRT will complete the roll-out of digital CCTV at its 51 metro stations, three depots and the operations control centre.

The contract to provide analogue-quality video over an IP transmission network was awarded to O’Connors Engineering and video networking specialist COE last year, and work began in June.

There will be 750 fixed cameras on the two metro lines, and in-cab monitors will allow drivers to monitor trackside activity. A dual-redundant data network supplied by COE will support the hardware, carrying MPEG-4 compressed images at a rate of 25 frames per sec. ’In addition to system integrity, this scheme will produce substantial savings on future maintenance costs’, said Mark Marriage, COE Technical Director. ’It marks the coming of age of digital technology in CCTV video networking.’

H PI Vision Ltd and COE Group plc signed a distribution and technology partnership agreement on January 25. COE Group is to sell PI Vision video recording networks in Asia and Europe, while PI Vision will sell MPEG-4 software from COE.