THE first of 23 DT8.10 Stadtbahnwagen A articulated LRVs for Stuttgarter Straßenbahn AG was handed over by Adtranz and Siemens on April 16. The air-conditioned all-steel vehicles are a derivative of the standard-gauge design which SSB has been ordering since 1984, and will bring the fleet to 114 cars.

The cars are 38·1 m long and 2650 mm wide, with a floor height at 1000 mm above rail. Three 2000 mm wheelbase bogies with 740 mm diameter wheels are spaced at 12 m centres. Seats are provided for 108, and there is room for 138 standees at 4/m2.

Siemens is supplying the bodies, bogies and Sibas 32 control system. Adtranz is responsible for the air-cooled twin IGBT inverter packs and the eight self-ventilated 120 kW AC motors. The motors and gearboxes are fully-suspended, and steel spring primary suspensions are used. The axleboxes are guided by leaf springs. Secondary air springs carry a roller-bearing bolster which supports the body. Spring-applied electropneumatic disc brakes are fitted on all axles, and retractable automatic Scharfenberg couplings allow for multiple operation.

Weighing 56·5 tonnes and rated at 17 kW/tonne, the vehicles have good acceleration and hill-climbing abilities. The unit cost is DM4·8m, or DM47568 per m2 of floor area.