AUGUST 20 will see the completion of a new double-track cut-off to boost capacity and shorten journey times on the Stockholm - Västerås line. Banverket inaugurated the SKr1·6bn route on June 5, although with only one track at first. Replacing a tortuous single track along the shores of Lake Malaren and a low-level swing bridge, the 6·9 km high-level cut-off runs from Kallhäll to the S-bane terminus at Kungsängen. It has six tunnels totalling 1·8 km and four bridges.

  • On June 14 Rijkstrafiken awarded three new contracts for non-commercial services. Svenska Tågkompaniet is to take over the Sundsvall and Östersund route. SJ has won a five-year concession for the Coast-to-Coast corridor linking G