WRENCH: An updated version of Robel Bahnbaumaschinen's 30.82 RKS universal power wrench for track fastenings was launched on the track maintenance market last month.

An evolution of the widely-used 30.82 machine, the detailed design has been improved with ergonomic changes and more components placed within a protective housing. The centre of gravity has been lowered so that an extension arm is not needed for selective work, but the arm is stowed ready for use for when it is needed.

The most important change is out of sight, with the replacement of the previous clutch design with a multiple disc clutch offering nine times the effective surface in the same package size, providing more precise control of torque transfer and lower component wear.

The 30.82 now incorporates a compact central display with a control dial which is used to specify the required torque, ensuring results are consistent and largely independent of the machine operator. The control knob is designed to be usable by operators wearing work gloves, and offers torques within a range from 150 to 350 Nm at 200 rev/min or up to 999 Nm at 70 rev/min. Once the machine is in place on the rail fastening, the wrenching takes place at the touch of a button. The display provides confirmation when the required torque is reached, at which point operation is automatically stopped by the electronic controls.

Details of working hours, engine starts and loosening and tightening operations can be shown on the display. LED lighting is provided to illuminate the work area.