AUSTRALIA: The first three of 23 Class 7100 25 kV electric locomotives being built for Pacific National by Siemens Mobility's München-Allach plant have entered service in Queensland. The 1 067 mm gauge locomotives were ordered in 2007, and deliveries will run to mid-2010.

Three Class 7100s will replace five older locomotives on the 12 720 tonne coal trains, with two at the head of the train and one in the middle. They have three-phase AC traction equipment designed by Siemens, with an output rating of 4 000 kW and maximum speed of 80 km/h. Wheelslip control gives improved performance over the previous locomotives, while ECP braking acts on all wagons simultaneously and can stop a train within 650 m.

Siemens says the use of three Class 7100s in place of five older locomotives will produce savings of up to 2 100 kWh over a 380 km route, and a further 4 500 kWh can be saved with regenerative braking.