AN ELECTRO-DIESEL works locomotive being built for the Toronto Transit Commission by ARVA Industries will feature switched reluctance drive from the Drive Systems Group of Texas-based company LeTourneau.

According to the US firm the Toronto locomotive will be first to use switched reluctance motors. These have coils in the stator rather than rotor, and are excited through the electronic switching of power to the coils in a sequence running counter to the desired motion of the stator. Brushes are eliminated, and high torque is available at low speed.

LeTourneau is supplying two B40 switched reluctance motors, along with the switchgear, generator and controls for the loco, which will have a 630hp diesel engine powering a LeTourneau generator. The power systems will be controlled by an ICAM system integrated into the onboard network, using technology in service on mining front loaders.

LeTourneau, USA