As part of the ongoing modernisation of tram routes in Dresden, turf track supplied by Sedra Asphalt Technik is being installed in several locations. The Sedra¨ Turf Track system is based on surrounding the rail with Sedrapur¨ filler blocks, made of a mixture of materials including polyurethane and recycled matter such as electric cable. The filler blocks themselvescan be recycled after use, and their composition enhances vibration damping.

The Sedra system prevents stray currents and avoids the risk of corrosion to metal rails and cross ties by enclosing the rail with the filler blocks, covering all but the top surface. This protects the rail from the soil, which in covering the blocks helps to reduce running noise.

If cemented in place, the blocks will protect virtually the whole rail from damp, with the wide cross-section of the Sedrapur blocks affording protection from damp in long grass, reducing the risk of stray currents to a minimum. Sedrapur blocks can be quickly and easily fitted around existing sleeper track or laid on a concrete block base, before being surrounded by turf. Sedra Turf Track and other products have also been used in Praha, Leipzig, Liberec, as well as for sealing setts and surrounding Y-sleepers in trial main line installations.

Sedra Asphalt Technik Biebrich, Germany

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