TICKETING: Affiliated Computer Services announced on February 12 that it had won a US$14m three-year contract from Marseille Provence Metropole to implement a multi-operator and multi-modal contactless ticketing system across the city. ACS will deploy its Atlas multi-operator system in partnership with Spie. Implementation will allow a single smart card to be used on metro, bus, ferry and the future tram services, as well as letting users pay for car parking and bicycle rental. Atlas is already in use in Lyon, and the modular system is being deployed in Montréal and Toulouse. It is expected to handle around 141 million journeys in the Marseille region each year.

Mexico City metro operator STC has awarded ACS a US$9·3m contract to provide contactless ticketing across its network by November, following a review of a pilot project which was conducted in 2005-06. ACS will equip 200 ticket gates with card readers and deploy manual and automated ticket sales points. Each station will be fitted with a supervision system and data concentrator, linked by an optic fibre network.