INTRO: Reducing or preventing rolling contact fatigue has become a major issue for track engineers faced with the conflicting demands of heavier traffic, increased safety regulation and shorter possessions. Two-material rail could be the answer for critical locations such as switches and crossings

BYLINE: Martin Hiensch*

* As Project Manager, InfraStar, Martin Hiensch of AEA Technology Rail BV is the principal author of this article. Contributing authors are: Per-Olof Larsson of Banverket’s Northern Region, Olof Nilsson of Duroc Rail AB, Didier Levy of RATP’s Infrastructure Department, Ajay Kapoor and Francis Franklin of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield, and Jens Nielsen, Jonas W Ringsberg and B Lennart Josefson of the Department of Applied Mechanics at Chalmers University of Technology in G