Within the PKP Group there are two national passenger operators: PKP Intercity Ltd, which ran its first trains on September 1 2001, and PKP Przewozy Regionalne Ltd which came into being on October 1 2001.

PKP Intercity runs about 280 daily trains, including overnight and international services. The overnight trains from Warszawa to Vilnius and from Kraków to Kyiv feature coaches equipped with Type SUW 2000 variable-gauge wheelsets. Together with gauge-changing installations at Mockawa in Lithuania or Mostiska in Ukraine, these have cut the break-of-gauge stop to just 30 min in each case.

Three pairs of EuroCity Berlin - Warszawa expresses form the company’s flagship services, but it also runs EC trains between Warszawa and Praha, Warszawa and Wien, and between Warszawa and Budapest via Bratislava. PKP also runs a Kraków - Berlin - Hamburg IC train and overnight services from the Polish capital to K