Sevilla T1 extension (Photo Ayuntamiento de Sevilla)

A 1 km, two-stop extension of Sevilla tram Line T1 from San Bernado to Eduardo Dato was inaugurated on June 19, taking the overall route length to 3·2 km. A further two-stop extension to Santa Justa is under construction for opening in September.

Glasgow Subway old train (Photo Glasgow Subway)

The Glasgow Subway withdrew the last of its legacy fleet of trains on June 28. The 44-year old cars have been replaced with Stadler trainsets custom-built to the unique specifications of the 10·5 km circular underground line, which has a very small profile with 3·4 m diameter tunnels and an unusual 1 220 mm track gauge.

A 9·9 km northern extension of Changsha metro Line 1 from Kaifu District Government to Jinpenqiu opened on June 28, exactly eight years after the first section. Construction of the partially underground extension began in late 2020.

ORCA_Android_WearOS (1)

INIT has made the Seattle region’s Orca smart card available for tap-and-go payment using Google Wallet. This enables Android and Wear OS users to manage fare payments, recharge their accounts and monitor purchases and trip history directly through Google Wallet. Users can convert their existing plastic card or get a new digital card.

ICON Multimedia announced on June 27 that it has been awarded a contract to supply its Deneva passenger information displays for the 62 stops on Tel Aviv’s light rail Green Line.

Generala Tyuleneva (image Moskva Metro)

Moskva Metro has undertaken what it terms a ‘technical launch’ on the 8·3 km Novatorskaya – Tyutchevskaya section of metro Line 16 in the southwest of the city. Revenue services are expected to start in the early autumn.

Metro de Santiago has awarded Systra an 18 month contract to provide advisory, review and technical documentation services for the planned Line 9.


On June 10 Samara tram and trolleybus operator TTU signed a 710m rouble contract with Sberbank Leasing covering the delivery of three PK TS three-section, fully low-floor unidirectional Type 71-931M Vityaz trams by the end of January 2025.

On July 1 the USA’s Federal Transit Administration announced the availability of $1·94m of competitive grant funding for research to improve customer convenience, such as creating easier ways to pay and enhancing timetables to match demand.

Troika cards (Photo Moskva Metro)

Russia’s Khakassia region has adopted Moskva’s Troika transport payment system. To mark the launch, a card design featuring ancient rock carvings was developed to reflect the region’s heritage. So far this year more than 200 million trips have been made using the SberTroika system outside Moskva, a 60% increase on the same period last year.