VALENCIA metro operator FGV is embarking on an upgrade programme for its 80 km Line 1, which is to receive €300m up to 2010 for improvements to infrastructure, power supplies and customer facilities, including accessibility.

The train service frequency is to be doubled and 34 new trainsets are to be purchased for Line 1, which currently carries 52000 passengers a day.

A 20-month programme will see 34 existing trainsets refurbished at a cost of €250m. The first eight are due to be withdrawn from service at the start of 2007, followed by a further batch of 20 a year later. Under the Metro Ribera project, 2008 should also see the opening of a connection between lines 1 and 3 that will allow trains from L’Alcúdia and Picassent to reach Colón, Alameda and Palmaret.