VIA Rail Canada has introduced a same-day and next-day courier service between Québec City, Montréal, Toronto and Windsor in partnership with Montréal’s Intelcom Courier. The Viapaq Courrrier service will be extended in phases to more than 30 stations, with smaller towns along the corridor being added over the next few months, and other eastern and western Canadian markets by the end of this year.

Four levels of service are offered, priced by quality rather than distance. According to VIA’s Senior Director of Customer Services Bob deFreitas, Viapaq Courrrier is a logical product extension of our frequent and dependable passenger service to the cities we serve and connect each day.’

Intelcom will co-ordinate pickups and deliveries throughout Québec and Ontario, and will operate freephone call centres, handle dispatching, provide a computerised tracking system, and oversee account administration. Viapaq Courrrier has dedicated service counters in Montréal Central and Toronto Union stations, but elsewhere the traffic will be handled at the existing ticket offices.