USA: This month Amtrak is to begin a two-stage process to appoint a master developer for a comprehensive redevelopment of Baltimore Penn station. Amtrak is seeking parties capable of undertaking the planning, design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of non-rail assets at the station, and commercial development of surrounding properties it owns.

Amtrak said it had received a strong response to a request for information issued in January. Following the RFQ, a request for proposals would be issued to a shortlist of qualified master developer teams.

'Penn station is an asset whose potential has been untapped for far too long', said US Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland on August 10. 'I am hopeful that the effort we are launching today will ensure we identify a partner who has the vision, skills, resources, and commitment that will enable Amtrak to transform this station into an economic engine that provides world-class amenities to travellers and helps revitalise Station North and the entire city of Baltimore.'