Pandrol defines the industry standard across rail fastening systems and aluminothermic welding. We’ve created rail infrastructure in more than 100 countries with our products and services extending to designing, developing and manufacturing equipment to make constructing and maintaining railways more efficient. That means we’ve experienced just about every situation, problem, question and solution before.

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  • Pandrol Webinar Innovation in Freight Rail

    Innovation in rail freight

    2020-07-21T07:00:00Sponsored by

    Assessing the outlook for global rail freight in the 2020s. With its profile having been lifted by the coronavirus pandemic, rail freight plays a key role in maintaining global logistics chains. But freight applications differ markedly across the world, from heavy commodity traffic in Russia and North America to an increasing focus on intermodal operations in Europe. In this session, our diverse panel of specialists will examine the key trends.

  • Light Rail Tram Metro Pandrol

    Light Rail/Tram/Metro Design: Key challenges & potential solutions

    By Pandrol

    Pandrol works collaboratively with customers to create a safer future for rail infrastructure, supplying innovative solutions, market-leading products and advice designed to maximise efficiencies and uptime around the world. As a case study, the discussion will showcase the key challenges and potential solutions Pandrol can deliver to drive change across the sector.