AKN Alstom Lint 54 diesel multiple-unit (Photo: AKN Eisenbahn AG).

GERMANY: The Länder of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein have announced their intention to directly award incumbent AKN a contract to continue to operate three local passenger routes for a further 10 years from May 1 2017.

The contract coverts three routes to the north of Hamburg:

  • A1 Hamburg-Eidelstedt – Neumünster (64 km);
  • A2 Norderstedt-Mitte – Ulzburg-Süd (8 km);
  • A3 Elmshorn – Ulzburg-Süd (25 km)

The new contract would include provisions for a restructuring of the services as and when Hamburg S-Bahn route S21 is extended from Eidelstedt to Kaltenkirchen.