Niederrhein-Münsterland CAF battery electric multiple-unit (1)

GERMANY: The Rhein-Ruhr and Westfalen-Lippe transport authorities have selected DB Regio for a contract to operate five of the seven Niederrhein-Münsterland-Netz services.

The authorities announced on May 25 that DB would replace Transdev’s NordWestBahn on services RE44, RB31 and RB36 in December 2025 and RE14 December 2026. RB43, which is currently operated by DB Regio, would be added from December 2028. The line from Moers-Rheinkamp to Kamp-Lintfort is to be reopened and integrated into RE44 from mid-2026.

The operating contract runs to 2040 and covers about 4 million train-km/year.

Diesel multiple-units currently used on the Niederrhein-Münsterland-Netz services are to be replaced by a fleet CAF Civity electric multiple-units equipped with batteries for off-wire operation, which VRR and NWL have procured under a 30-year supply and maintenance deal.

Niederrhein-Münsterland-Netz services awarded to DB Regio
Service Route
RE14 Emscher-Münsterland-Express Essen-Steele – Bottrop – Dorsten – Borken/Coesfeld
RE44 Fossa-Emscher-Express Kamp-Lintfort – Moers – Duisburg – Oberhausen – Bottrop
RB31 Der Niederrheiner Duisburg – Moers – Xanten
RB36 Ruhrort-Bahn Oberhausen – Duisburg-Ruhrort
RB43 Emschertalbahn Dortmund – Herne – Dorsten
A separate tender is underway for a contract to operate Niederrhein-Münsterland-Netz services RE10 Kleve – Geldern – Krefeld – Düsseldorf and RB37 Geldern – Krefeld – Neuss.