Arverio logo launch (Photo Arverio, Winfried Karg)

GERMANY: The Go-Ahead Deutschland business which Austrian Federal Railways acquired from The Go-Ahead Group in February has been rebranded as Arverio Deutschland, a name derived from the Gallo-Roman ‘god of the roads’ Arvernus.

Arverio Bayern train rebranding (Photo Arverio, Winfried Karg)

Announcing the new name on July 10, Arverio said it would continue to operate as a ‘market-oriented and independent railway company’, with its passenger train contract operating subsidiaries in Baden-Württemberg and Bayern providing ÖBB with an ‘ideal opportunity’ for growth in southern Germany. Arverio’s headquarters has been transferred from Berlin to Stuttgart to strengthen the focus on the region.

Arverio said it aims to offer comfortable and sustainable local transport and be ‘the best choice’ for passengers, employees and its transport authority clients.

Its long-term goal is to grow in Germany, although it is not looking at the long-distance market.

The rebranding is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2025. The trains will retain their current liveries and Land colours.