Stadler Flirt electric multiple-unit for NSB.

NORWAY: Government guarantees which will allow national passenger operator NSB to purchase a further 16 Stadler Flirt electric multiple-units were announced by Transport Minister Marit Arnstad on November 15.

The new EMUs will be the Class 75 commuter version of the NSB Flirt family, and are to replace older Class 69D units on services from Skøyen to Mysen and Moss from mid-2014.

The NKr1·3bn order is to be funded by NSB, with the government providing guarantees to ensure NSB does not lose out financially should operation of the services be tendered and won by another company.

NSB has previously ordered 26 regional and 24 commuter Flirt five-car EMUs from Stadler, with options for a further 100 units. The first of the Class 75 commuter units entered traffic on the Kongsberg - Eidsvoll route on November 5, following on from the Class 74 regional version which entered service in May.

As a result of customer feedback, NSB is to replace the narrowest seats on the regional Flirt EMUs.