NORWAY: Nomad Digital has been selected to provide broadband internet and entertainment services on passenger trains operated by state railway NSB.

The pilot phase announced on May 21 will cover Oslo commuter routes and inter-city trains from the capital to Bergen and Trondheim. According to Nomad the first wi-fi equipped trains will be running this autumn, with national coverage expected to follow.

Wi-fi access will eventually be available on all trains, and passengers on inter-city services will have access to 'premium broadband entertainment content' including films, news, music and games. Portable media players will be available for hire.

NSB will use the Nomad communications platform for real-time train tracking, passenger counting and access to onboard CCTV.

'Coverage and speed will be subject to what is offered by our backhaul operators with whom we will strike a separate agreement', said NSB Marketing Director Ståle Nistov.